Xcell Ocean Rowing Oars

Designed from the Ground Up for Crossing Oceans

Our ocean rowing oars are of composite construction and we began their manufacture in the 1980s. Initially, these oars were produced using glass-reinforced plastics. However, by the 1990s we had progressed to using carbon looms and Xcell Oars and Sculls was born. The purpose, to manufacture the best oars for ocean rowing, on a global scale. We believe we have achieved this goal, and our oars are now widely used in the majority of ocean crossings and Atlantic rowing events. If you are looking for strength, durability and a name you can trust when buying ocean rowing oars, then look no further than Xcell Rowing Ltd, in partnership with J Sutton Traditional Oar and Scull Makers.

The X3 Ocean

Our pinnacle product is the X3 Ocean. This sought-after oar is highly popular, gracing the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge among numerous other ocean crossing events. Today, we have in excess of 16 confirmed crews using our Xcell ocean rowing oars.


Crafted using our unique manufacturing processes, the specifications are:

100% carbon fibre tube and Kevlar reinforcement at high-stress points for maximum strength. Kevlar overlays also offer impact resistance while keeping the oar lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

The Macon scull blade is constructed using a high-density epoxy foam core. The outer consists of biaxial, unidirectional carbon fibres cured in epoxy resin with a minimal amount of E-glass fibres. Finally, an epoxy gel-coat hard finish is applied to ensure professional competition yacht standards.

With a ‘Dayglo’ yellow sleeves and black collars, these are manufactured to Xcell’s design using high-quality, low-friction ABS and Polyurethane plastics, and tooling to fit the standard ‘Concept’ gate.

Crafted from only the best quality, carefully inspected ash wood, our highly recommended fixed wooden handles avoid common complaints associated with their adjustable counterparts, such as water ingress and loss of power.

  • Oar length – Max 340 cm
  • Oar weight – Max 2.3 kg
  • Spoons can be coloured and adorned with rowing club or sponsor logo designs. Quotes available on request.
  • The length of the oars can be cut in line with individual requirements.
  • The location of sleeves and collars (buttons) on the parallel section of the loom can be customised.

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