Oars and Sculls

J Sutton has been manufacturing traditional oars and sculls since 1971. Our established, Devon-based company specialises in producing handcrafted rowing aids and are proud to have worked with numerous recognised rowing teams. Using superior quality materials and an in-house team of highly skilled craftspeople, our products have become coveted and sought after nationwide. With a keen eye for detail, dexterity, a passion for rowing, and a traditional production process steeped in heritage and history, every oar and scull that leaves our workshop is pristine. Furthermore, we offer expert repair services for your existing and trusted oars to restore them to their former glory.

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Handcrafted Wooden Oars and Paddles

Using top-quality Sitka Spruce we produce a wide range of quality oars, paddles and rowing aids, including:

We are also proud to have the X3-Ocean in our portfolio! More information of which can be found here.

Skiff Sculls

Our skiff sculls are produced with your choice of hollow, solid or girder shaft and needle blades. We use quality ash to produce the blade tips for increased robustness and endurance, combined with fixed brass plates, and a leather sleeve and stop.

Carbon Oars and Sculls

Carbon Reinforced Slimline Oars and Sculls

Also abbreviated to CFR in the trade, these oars are produced by laying carbon internally, within the shaft. These are typically used in river racing and are strong, durable, lightweight and reliable.

Xcell X3 Ocean Oars

Crafted by our sister company Xcell, using unique manufacturing process the X3 Ocean is an elite ocean crossing oar perfectly designed for peak performance, comfort and speed. Full specifications can be found here.

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