Oar Repair and Restoration

As well as producing quality rowing aids to order, we also carry out oar repair and restoration. This can include minor dinks to blade edges through to repairing deep splits and cracks. Whether a new paddle that has sustained accidental damage or an antique blade requiring precision attention, we will carry out meticulous workmanship. Sanding, filling, repainting, sealing and reinforcement all forms part of our comprehensive service. So, if you have an oar or scull that requires attention, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Expert Oar and Scull Repairers

J Sutton Traditional Oar & Scull Makers have been established for over five decades and employ a highly skilled and talented craftsman. As a result, we are now considered one of the leading oar manufacturers in the UK and our products can be found worldwide. We are experts in our field, working with a level of dedication that is a testament to our passion for rowing. Using traditional methods and techniques and quality materials, our repair and restoration work will stand the test of time.

Trophy Oar Restoration

Trophy oar restoration requires an experienced hand. Inherited presentation oars and antique blades may have passed down through generations and time or neglect may have taken their toll. Not only can we carefully restore the structure of the oar itself, but we can arrange for paint and design restoration to be carried out so that distinguishing features, accolades, and heritage can be maintained.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the best quality materials for both our manufacturing processes and our repairs. From the wood down to the paint and varnishes we use. Our reputation has been derived from our precision workmanship and careful attention to detail and you should expect nothing less when you come to us for repairs and restorative services.

Contact J Sutton Traditional Oar & Scull Makers Today!

For more information or to arrange scull and oar repair and restoration please contact our workshop in Crediton today.

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