Gig Oars

From our premises in Crediton, we manufacture quality gig oars, that have since been used by a number of national gig racing teams. Following recommendation, J Sutton returned to the world of gig racing in 2002 and are delighted to continue our work within this ever-growing traditional sport. Our exquisitely crafted men’s oars, as well as women and junior variations, are crafted using only the highest quality materials. Additionally, we can provide repair and restoration services, to revitalise your trusted gig oars back to full health for improved performance.

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Quality Cornish Pilot Gig Oars

Originating in 1838 in St Mawes, Cornwall, the 6-manned Cornish Pilot Gig began its life as a lifeboat. Today, they are used primarily for sport, and gig racing is a truly awe-inspiring spectacle to behold. We are proud to be a part of this traditional vocation and strive for excellence in all our commissions. Each gig oar is handcrafted, with each and every production receiving meticulous care and attention. We use wood from the Sitka Spruce, which is renowned for being both lightweight and strong. This timber is carefully inspected for any flaws and imperfections to ensure that every oar we produce is utterly flawless.

Recommended Gig Oar Manufacturers

Our reintroduction to gig racing was thanks to John Cork who, in 2002, suggested our services to Rame Gig Club in Cornwall. The men’s blade set we produced for them was well received and the rest is a beautiful history. Another two sets were produced that year, for the Britannia Naval College. These were produced to complement their new boats, the launch of which was proudly attended by Peter Martin, our master craftsman. It was at this event we were approached by Kevin Pyne of Dartmouth Gig Club, who enlisted us to commission 30 Admirality oars for the Dartmouth Royal Regatta.

Manufacturing Custom Oars for Gig Racing

Since resuming our position as one of Devon’s leading gig oar manufacturers, we have continued to work with gig clubs throughout the UK. These club liaisons have supported our research and development, meaning we are now able to produce oars for both junior and women’s teams. As a result, this has benefited the sport and the sportspeople, who can now equip themselves with the perfect tool to showcase their strength and true rowing potential.

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