Oar and Scull Makers in Devon

Supplying UK and Worldwide Since 1971

J Sutton is a highly coveted and respected oar and scull maker based in Devon and is considered a leading manufacturer throughout the UK. Established in 1971, our institution has been lovingly handcrafting rowing aids for professional sportsmen, women and juniors for over 50 years. With talented, master craftspeople using tried, and perfected, traditional techniques, each commission is painstakingly made-to-order. Always made here in England, we source only the finest quality wood for our oars, carefully inspecting each piece for flaws to ensure a faultless finish. We are passionate about rowing and are privileged to have worked with some of the finest clubs and teams on a global level, having even had our creations used at an Olympic level. We are dedicated to producing the best oars in the world for every discipline. So, whether you participate in competitive river rowing, gig racing, or Atlantic Ocean crossing events, our talented oar makers are at your service.

Why Choose J Sutton and Xcell Rowing?

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We are proud to have supplied some of the most talented rowing teams, clubs and regattas across the UK, and internationally, with the highest-quality rowing aids. To find out how we can help your team or club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced, Devon-based oar and scull makers today.

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